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Servicing the Greater Phoenix Area

Air conditioning and refrigeration is essential to nearly every business in the Phoe- nix area, so ensuring little or no disruption to your cooling and/or heating system is crucial. Whether a company needs to provide tenants, patients, employees, or guests with a comfortable environment or a manufacture to store and cool product, the life of your business depends on keeping equipment running and products kept at just the right temperature.

24 Hour Service Team

At Industrial Refrigeration & Boiler Company we recognize the importance of keeping your system performing safely and efficiently on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis. Accordingly, we have built a service team of some of the most skilled technicians in the southwest. Industrial Refrigeration & Boiler Company is confident of our dedication to quality workmanship. The efficiency of our experienced service technicians will provide for the lowest overall cost for our customers.

There are 4 essential elements to providing our customers with the most reliable and cost effective service:

Timely Response

Superior Skill Set

Planned Maintenance Programs

Integrated Quality & Efficiency

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